Osborne Park Facility Opening 2021!

Strength Club is a team of coaches and athletes built on the values of courage, teamwork & respect.

We believe in being a community, while every athlete is on their own journey we aim to bring together a strong and healthy team of people.

With evidence based practices & education – our team of qualified coaches can help get you stronger, leaner & create a better mindset.

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" Thanks to the help & coaching of The Strength Club WA I was able to add 25kg to my total in 6 months, improve my technique & tick off my goal of becoming the national u83kg powerlifting champion "

" Jacob is a passionate trainer with a robust knowledge base. Before I started with Jacob I was treading water in the gym, not making progress. With Jacob by my side, I became the strongest and leanest I've been, even competing in powerlifting at a national level "

" Jacob has been my coach for nearly 2 years now and in that time I've added 90kg to my total. Jacob goes above and beyond for all his athletes to ensure we get the best possible result come competition day. He genuinely loves what he does and it goes to show when his athletes hit PBs, he is equally just as excited, If not more! The peoples coach "

" I started personal training with Danica a few months ago and I’m loving every minute of it. Danica picks up on my mental barriers and encourages me to get past them. She’s taught me so much about correct technique and how to use the gym equipment correctly and now I’ve got the confidence to come into the gym alone and do a full workout, before PT I would only ever go on the treadmill! "

" Danica is a very knowledgeable and inspirational trainer who is very conscious of correct techniques and pushing boundaries to achieve results. I train with her twice a week and the sessions are always varied and very enjoyable "

" Danica you legend! I can’t thank you enough for your guidance (ass-kickings) over the past two and a half years. You’ve made such a difference in my life "

" I've been with Jacob for 3 years and I wouldn't have achieved half of what I have without training with him. To have someone always in your corner supporting and encouraging you to achieve your goals is invaluable. Have a consultation today and see what these passionate and knowledgable coaches can do to help you "

" I have never trained with anyone so genuinely dedicated to their team and the goals of every single client it consists of. They live by what they preach & have a very comprehensive technical background "

" The best decision I made was getting coaching with Jacob. I've been able to overcome obstacles while having a fully supportive coach, I have entered competitions I never would've done on my own and been pushed to be better every time "